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Dr. Randall Labrum's Neuropathy Experience




I was once nearly disabled by the crippling effects of peripheral neuropathy. Like you, I didn't know where to turn when my doctors didn't have answers outside of prescriptions that only brought temporary relief. 

As a doctor, I was used to being in charge, but neuropathy has a way of pulling the rug out from under you, doesn’t it?

After hitting rock bottom, I put my research and clinical training in functional based medicine together and found a path to recovery. Since then it’s been shared around the world helping thousands of people get back on their feet.

The solutions I discovered are based on the core tenets of “Functional Medicine” where we solve “upstream” causes instead of just “masking” symptoms with medications.

While traditional medicine focuses on masking symptoms, we believe in addressing root causes, so your body can restore its natural ability to recover healthy nerve functioning.


  • Early and advanced neuropathy symptoms you need to watch out for
  • Underlying neuropathy causes no one is telling you about
  • Drug-free solutions for quick peripheral neuropathy pain relief

Don't ignore your nerve pain

You may think that the pain you’re feeling is your fault and that there’s nothing you can do about it. This is not true. If you have nerve pain, you can learn how to coach your nerves back to health by treating the causes, rather than just trying to deal with the symptoms. You can stop the nerve damage from progressing. 

For this reason, don’t ignore your symptoms or hope that they’ll go away over time. If you do nothing, your pain may only get worse. It’s very important that you take action now.  Learn about the symptoms, causes and treatment of neuropathy >



"I'll see you on the inside.." 

Dr LabrumDr. Randall C. Labrum 
Clinician, Author, Researcher 
Former Neuropathy Sufferer


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How to Win the Neuropathy “Balancing Act”

How to Win the Neuropathy “Balancing Act”

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I'm sleeping much better with relief from constant pain. I purchased the program several weeks ago....I'm happy to report it's working well for me.

H Rogers / Florida

H Rogers

I'm happy to inform you that my mother has reported improvement after follow all the steps..since the last one month.

S Kumar / Denver, CO

S Kumar

My wife has been using the program very successfully for some 4 weeks now, and already experiencing considerable relief....

W Ketchum / Canada

W Ketchum