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Discover the No-Fail, Full-Support Method to
Neuropathy Relief



Living with constant tingling, pain, numbness & stress is a HEAVY BURDEN, isn’t it?

The Neuropathy Recovery Program you are about to discover on this page is many times more effective than any pain medication,  because it reduces neuropathy pain at its roots. It saved my life!

It reduces nerve damage and death, reduces pain and your risk of falling and having your independence taken away.

 These methods have been used by thousands of people across the world and have helped many eliminate the need for “toxic” and expensive medications.



“There’s nothing you can do about it, Randall.” That’s what my trusted doctor told my wife, Judith and I, as I sat helplessly on the table. 

My wife, Judith, squeezed my hand as sounds from outside the room slipped away. It was “as if” time stood still as I watched the hopes I had for my life flash before my eyes.

As tears rolled softly down her cheek, Judith said: He can’t live the rest of his life in this kind of pain and confined to a wheelchair. We have so many plans.”

Maybe you’ve heard the same heart-breaking words? It's like being handed a death sentence, with your heart still beating in your chest. It means that your condition will get much worse and for those of us who have suffered with neuropathy and other health care issues, that news is heartbreaking. 

No one understands the additional source of pain and suffering  you're facing, unless they’ve walked a mile in your painful shoes… 

...The BROKEN Healthcare System. 

It’s like being on a merry-go-round of increasing or changing drugs to find any kind of temporary relief, isn’t it?

Sleepless, pain-stricken and unable to walk or get around, I finally lost my ability to walk. I was resigned to buying a motorized wheelchair just to get around, because my WALKING DAYS WERE OVER. 

No one understands…the huge toll long-term chronic health stress takes on your body, mind and spirit. If you think it will ever get better, it won’t.I felt abandoned, just like you do. 

While your nerves CRY OUT FOR HELP, literally fighting for their lives. Your stuck...

…Paying thousands of dollars victimized by terrible mental and physical side effects and not even getting relief for the terrible pain you're in. 

All the while, NATURAL solutions GO STRAIGHT TO THE SOURCE OF PAIN are being kept hidden from you. 



Did you know?

Studies from around the world (including the U.S.) have proven that nerves can regenerate and self-repair. It’s true. I discovered lots of evidence that the peripheral nervous system can often heal from injuries  when given the “right environment.”

But Big Pharmaceutical Companies DARE NOT Let YOU Find out or risk losing billions of dollars . They have the BIGGEST HAND in the treatments you’re permitted to receive. If you have peripheral neuropathy, you simply CANNOT AFFORD to keep living this way!

Don’t take my word for it, what does YOUR experience show you? If pain and other traumatic symptoms have gotten worse with medicine, YOU ARE LIVING PROOF that neuropathy is progressive advancing steadily until one day…

…A life-shattering crisis takes your choices away either from peripheral neuropathy, its complications or destructive side effects of toxic overload from the drugs in your body. 

Don't become another statistic for healthcare! Be the one who didn't have to have an amputation, a serious fall, a nursing home stay....






According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, more than 100,000 Americans die every year…from properly prescribed, properly taken prescriptions

As a doctor who always sought out drug-free solutions, I knew our bodies were never designed to process all of those poisons and chemicals. While I struggled to stay alert on the meds, my research showed me EXACTLY why those toxins are most damaging to our peripheral nerves.

Then the news got worse! Pain medications cause terrible side effects that increase your risk of more health complications like these. No wonder I felt like I was losing my mind and my body! 

  • A greater risk of a heart attack
  • Equal rates of gastro-intestinal bleeding
  • Four times as many bone fractures
  • 68% greater risk of being hospitalized from an adverse drug event
  • 87% greater risk of dying
  • Impaired and slowed ability to learn new information
  • Reduced concentration and/or confusion
  • Impaired working memory
  • Difficulty thinking, reading directions and understanding

Yet, traditional healthcare sends you home to “Self-Manage” your illness on your own when you are at your most VULNERABLE mentally and physically!

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You’re not only vulnerable and in pain, but recent government studies show that if you have 2 or more health issues, your mental functioning is impaired.

So, if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV, alcoholism, depression, autoimmune disease, anxiety (or others) your “self-management” abilities are impaired too.

All of these interrelated issues cause OVERWHELMING STRESS , which negatively impacts your nervous system.

As my condition deteriorated and I was doped up on all kinds of medications, I didn’t know which way was up, but I was plagued by these fears, because I could see the writing on the wall. As a doctor I knew what happened to people with neuropathy:

If you struggle to put things into action or keep things straight, stop blaming yourself and your memory. It's NO WONDER you're struggling!Those medications when backed up to toxic levels in your system take your thinking mind away!

None of this is your fault.


I Was desperate but a prayer changed everything

I fell so many times, because my brain and feet weren't getting the right signals, but I was lucky not to end up with a broken bone or worse in the midst of all of this. 


I had every one of the mental and emotional symptoms listed here. I hadn’t slept well in months and ended up searching online for solutions and found lots of “promises of relief.”

I tried one vitamin and gizmo after another, but nothing helped.

In my state, I didn't remember that most vitamins can't be absorbed by the older gut! I was like flushing money down the drain! 

I could hardly function physically or mentally and my wife Judith knew it. I felt like my life was shattered, don't you? 

After hearing my fate from the doctors and neurologists, she prayed with me and pushed me to get out of “victim mode” to find a way out. 

That lit a fire under me. 

If it weren't for the prayer that opened my eyes and heart to what I had been missing, I would still be where you are today. 

The way out was shown in answer to our prayers and my background training in Functional Medicine. 

What's so powerful about Functional Medicine (used by the Cleveland Clinic) is that it addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach instead of “masking over" the warning signs we need to pay attention pain. 

Neuropathy is what I call the "Canary in the Coal Mine Disorder." It starts when multiple body systems have broken down in catastrophic distress.

In my extensive research, I learned that over years, lifestyle, age and damaging toxins and more take their toll on 6 critical body systems until NERVE DAMAGE AND Cell DEATH become THE FINAL CURTAIN CALL. 

Here, I thought I was healthy. I didn't have diabetes, autoimmune disorders like arthritis or infections, alcoholism, cancer or any of the other risk factors. But neuropathy was showing me I was wrong. What was wrong with me didn't show up on the medical reports, just like so many of the patients I saw over the years. My nerves were literally starving to death although I was eating generously!

YES, YOU finally be free FROM suffering!


The Neuropathy Recovery Program
The No Fail, Full-Support Method to Lasting Neuropathy Relief
…Even If You’re Juggling Multiple Health Issues
and have tried EVERYTHING Else!


The Neuropathy Recovery Program you are about to discover is the fastest and most reliable “No Fail” Full-Support Method to:

  • Eliminate the #1 threat to your recovery even when armed with “proven” tools
  • Stop pain-producing stress hormones from hijacking your natural nerve self-repair systems
  • Reduce risk of falling and further injury that can lead to LONG-TERM or LIFE-LONG nursing home placement
  • Prevent life-shattering amputations from advanced nerve damage and cell death
  • Stop you from paying thousands of dollars for the rest of your life to Pharmaceutical Industry keeping you dependent paying for pills that can never STOP nerve damage or pain!

That’s why I spent nearly a year creating the “No Fail, Full Support Neuropathy Recovery Program: The Video Training Program That’s Like Having Me Right By Your Side Every Step of the way.

The Neuropathy Recovery Program takes you behind the scenes with powerful mind-body tools that ignite your body’s natural self-repair systems.

  • PLUS: It provides support and structure through the course materials, videos and the SUPPORT GROUP to keep you on track when you have rough days 
  • Plus: It includes a powerful Mind Over Medicine approach that literally retrains your brain to restore your body's natural pain-killing and nerve self-repair powers. 

This is the EASIEST and FASTEST program you’ll ever go through as we guide you every step of the way.
It’s designed to keep things simple and easy to integrate in minutes a day.
Many of our clients have experienced relief within a few days!

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Imagine the relief...Walking & Sleeping without pain

Imagine this time next month and you're walking barefoot....
You wake up every single day feeling mentally alert and relaxed after a good night's sleep

You've gotten back to your favorite family activities; working and playing no matter how rugged the terrain.

You've got more than enough energy to do things around the house and go shopping without having to use the scooter chair. Notice how much fun you're having playing with your grandkids and doing your favorite hobbies - like a much younger version of you. And how much more money you have to go out with more firends or save up for a nice vacation.

 Are you beginning to see how this simple program can change your life and the lives of everyone you touch?

These methods have been used by thousands of people across the world and have helped many reduce and steadily eliminate the need for “toxic” and expensive medications.



I’ve practiced Chiropractic Medicine for 35+ years, bringing drug-free natural solutions to patients who could not find recovery in mainstream medicine. 

After the “blessing” of finding my own neuropathy recovery with these steps and tools, I took the "answers to my prayers" across the country in seminars. 

Since then I’ve been referred to as one of the World’s Leading Neuropathy Educators and have never fully retired, because I’m hooked on hearing feedback like this:

I Can’t Wait To Tell The Neurologist of The Help I Received!

My neurologist claims there is nothing that can be done for my neuropathy and I should just live with it. So I am extremely motivated to prove her wrong. I went to a chiropractor that specializes in neuropathy treatments and he wanted $5,000 for two dozen treatments. This was beyond my finances.

I then put trust in your website and I have been trying to faithfully follow the 6 steps in the Program.

Already I feel it is significantly helping. I can’t wait to go back to that neurologist and show her that there are ways to help this condition.


B. Bourgault, Georgia

Dr J Chase endorses Dr Labrum's Neuropathy Recovery Program


I’ve Tried Everything Else

My Wife Is Experiencing Considerable Relief. I am located in Ottawa and I have recently purchased your neuropathy program. My wife has been using the Program very successfully for some 4 week now, and is already experiencing considerable relief from her Neuropathy leg pains.


W. Ketchum, Canada

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Recommendation - Gail, from UK 


I’m Not Losing Balance And Can Walk Barefooted!

First a description of my condition: Severe peripheral neuropathy in both lower legs accompanied by almost total loss of tactile sensation in both feet. This condition was further complicated by severe stenosis of femoral/popliteal arteries in both legs.

The circulation was restored but there was additional loss of sensation below the knee because of surgery.

Well I'm happy to report that sensation is returning to my feet. As I walk barefoot on my carpet I have a definite tactile sensation and I am now able to articulate my toes to a greater extent. I will continue this protocol until I maximize progress.

There still is pain sensation in my feet, but I expect that it is due to arthritis whose effects I had lost due to the peripheral neuropathy. You just can't win! But I'll take it, it is so much better to be able to look up at the sky and not lose balance because of loss of ankle position sensation.


S. Mucciacciaro, New Jersey

Now that you've seen how it worked for them, I want you to see what it'll do for you.


Imagine what it will be like to:

  • Walk pain-free across your living room floor
  • Work energetically and move freely 
  • Play with grandkids and enjoy family activities again
  • Enjoy deep peaceful sleep awakening bright and clear
  • Feel more focused and youthful with better memory
  • And joyously live the life you love

What's the #1 Risk to Your Recovery?


There are countless studies around the world that confirm…

…The BIGGEST BARRIER  to your success is NOT taking action, when your life depends on you doing so! 

Just listen to what these world-wide experts are saying: 

Journal of The American Geriatrics Society

A new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society reveals that older adults who have two or more chronic conditions are at increased risk for developing mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

I was so doped up on pain and sleep meds that I didn't know whether I was coming or going, so I can see how they came to these conclusions in their studies. 

The Cleveland Clinic

“With normal aging and accumulation of chronic diseases, the risks for functional decline and loss of independence increase. Decline is especially marked in individuals with multiple chronic illnesses who experience multiple exacerbations of chronic illness or acute illnesses. Decline in cognitive abilities contributes to decline in functional independence. With normal aging, processing speed of the brain declines and recall time increases. Risk of developing Alzheimer's disease increases each year after age 60.”

You know when I was in that wheelchair I really felt "dependent" on my family and I worried every time I came to a doorway whether I could safely get through without causing any more attention to myself. These fears were a "constant weight" on my shoulders.

National Institutes of Health: Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research

“Self-management - by definition – relies on cognitive skills that, unfortunately, may be negatively impacted by the very condition needing management. Persons living with chronic illness are also at risk for problems with depression and anxiety that can exacerbate cognitive symptoms and hijack efforts to self-manage.”

That's why we included the essential brain chemistry re-training hypnotherapy videos, so you can get your body, mind and spirit working as a team again! 

The Online Journal of Issues In Nursing

“Psychological Considerations: “A teaching environment in which psychological distractions have been kept to a minimum facilitates learning in the older adult. An atmosphere of respect, sensitivity, and patience will allay feelings of anxiety, low self esteem, loss of control, and depression, as these psychological conditions can all reduce motivation and incentive to learn.”

U.S. Government Centers for Disease Control

“Chronic disease self-management programs should take into account the needs and abilities of people living with cognitive impairment.”



While the Neuropathy Recovery Program is a “proven system” that restored my health and thousands of others, you’re worried your situation is different aren’t you ?

Nothing has worked so far, so why take a chance? 

If you’re worried about whether or not the program will work FOR YOU, you should be more worried about what's going to happen to you IF You Don't Find a Way to Get Off the Medication Merry-Go-Round! 

If you trust nothing else, TRUST YOUR EXPERIENCE! 

  • Do the medications give you satisfying relief?
  • Has your neuropathy improved since taking the medications? 
  • Does your doctor have hope that you'll get better? 
If the answers are "no," do you want to risk: potential amputation, loss of bladder or bowel control, a serious fall that lands you in a long-term nursing rehabilitation facility where you're stuck living in isolation? 


YOu can avoid ending up that way!


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The #1 Reason You May Have a Life-Shattering
Crisis Instead of Achieving Neuropathy Freedom…




The causes of nerve damage and suffering: Brain "wired" for pain after prolonged damage, malnourished and "starving" nerve synapses, neurotoxicity from heavy medications and metabolic waste, misfiring nerve signals to brain, overtaxed joints, organs and nerves and impaired mobility and flexibility. 

In the mainstream medical world, you don't have the SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE you need to get to the ROOTS OF PAIN and put out the fire once and for all. After all, you've probably been juggling this by yourself (meaning without the support and help you need) along with other health issues or just downright stressful life circumstances! 

That means struggling to figure it all on your own and I’m worried about that when it comes to you achieving significant and lasting recovery. 

Are you struggling with these troubling issues? 

  • Difficulty reading and understanding directions 
  • Trouble remembering what to do 
  • Missing or losing information that's right in front of you 
  • Forgetting to do important things 
  • Wavering when you need to make a decision i

But don't worry. I've been on the inside of that brain fog and found my way out and so can you. Where there's a will there's a way and a helping hand to pull you through. 


Would you like to JUMPSTART your recovery and achieve the easiest, fastest and most reliable long-lasting relief?


Get the Entire No Fail, Full Support Neuropathy Recovery Program Today

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Once You’re On The Inside

  • 6 Fully-Detailed Video Training Sessions with me: explaining every nuance of the program and inspiring you into action.  This is the closest thing to having me RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE as you take each step to recovery!
  • Session #1: Treat the Fire – De-Stress and destroy mental barriers to recovery and set the stage for the rest of the steps to do their magic. Learn why Functional Medicine, endorsed by Cleveland Clinic is the key to drug-free recovery.You'll learn which medications can cause, mimic or worsen neuropathy symptoms and immediately begin to address the PTSD like effect that chronic pain has had on your brain chemistry, so "natural pain killers" can bring relief from the inside out.  
  • Session #2: Fuel Nerve Recovery - Get nourishment to fragile damaged nerves to kick-start your natural nerve regeneration processes. I’ll show you simple things to change how you eat to fast-track your relief. Knowing the simple keys to getting nutrients into damaged and "starving nerve synapses" can restore a health "self-repair" environment. While vitamins aren't easily absorbed by aging bodies, you'll learn the secrets to nourish your nerves and gain improved memory and concentration as well. 
  • Session #3: Boost Blood Dilation and Circulation – I will show you exactly WHY your nerves are in distress and HOW to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation by gently releasing trapped toxins. Unnatural toxins from heavy chemicals and metabolic waste will be sent packing with the tools you'll learn to use in minutes a day. Convenient, simple and in the comfort of your own home you can flush toxins away from fragile nerves, so they can easily retrieve the oxygen they need to survive and thrive. 
  • Session #4: Coach Nerves Back to Health – Here you’ll learn EXACTLY what to do and when to do it in this compelling video where you’ll learn to restore foot to brain communications . Here you'll learn EXACTLY what to do to literally "retrain nerves" to return to their natural rhythms. You'll coach your nerves back to health so you can return to being steady on your feet and REDUCE YOUR RISK OF FALLING.  
  • Session #5: Reduce Joint, Organ and Nerve Load – Restore balance and circulation allowing less stress on your nerves. Mechanical and emotional stress play a major part in your recovery. In this session, you'll learn about proper footwear and how to return to natural sleep rhythms and restore your inborn restorative benefits of deep rest. You'll learn how to support yourself from the ground up. PLUS you’ll be taken behind the scenes to learn how my wife and I effortlessly boosted our energy and lost weight without really trying! 
  • Session #6: Increase Joint Flexibility and Mobility – In minutes a day, you’ll learn how to increase your mobility and flexibility with plenty of “couch and chair friendly” moves. Plus the simplest moves to release nerve pressure and prevent tension build-up in the synaptic junction in your lower back. This session is last, because the other steps are essential pre-cursors to having the energy, strength and relief to SAFELY restore movement to your life. 
  • Plus: 10 Quick Action Recovery Companion Guides.

PLUS: Powerful TherAputic Interventions



PLUS: You’ll Also Receive These Powerful “Therapeutic Interventions:”

  1. Neuropathy Recovery Support Group: Support from peers and Access to my Recovery Team for 6 Full Months
  2. "Pain Killing Power" Video Training: Activate your brain to release natural pain killers and reduce stress overload once and for all.
  3. Fuel: "How to Boost Nerve Nourishment" for Fast Results eBook
  4. Regenerate: How to Harness the Power of Sleep For Chronic Health Relief video training

For less than the price of a few family dinners out on the town, you can end your suffering once and for all.

If you were to travel to one of my seminars, you would also have the expense of hotel bills, food and travel costs just to get there and back.

This program was designed to make it easy for you to do in the comfort of your own home.

That's why we created a powerful video training program to give you maximum support and direction with videos, written guides and a support forum to help keep you on track!

Order Now, Because Every Day You Delay, You Risk More Nerve Damage and Death. I didn't have the other risk factors like diabetes, cancer, alcoholism or infections, but you are at risk of LIFE SHATTERING CONSEQUENCES IF YOU DON'T STOP THE DAMAGE NOW. 

Choose to Be The ONE WHO GOT AWAY From Consequences Like:    Unrelenting pain, sleeplessness, sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, amputations, breathing difficulties, inability walk and crippling disability. 


 Use the "medication alone" approach and let nerve damage and death continue while paying for toxic and ineffective treatments

Get relief today...with my proven No Fail, Neuropathy Recovery System and gradually reduce and eliminate medications in collaboration with your doctor. 


RELAX… You’re Covered by My 60-Day 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee

I’m dead serious about your health and just to prove it to you, I’m giving you my 100% Peace of Mind Risk Free 60-Day Money Back Guarantee…

Will the pharmaceutical companies guarantee your results?

In fact, the only guarantee that you’ll get from anywhere else is a guarantee that you’ll be paying the bill regardless of your results. But, I want to help make your decision easier because I know that you’re going to fall in love with the “new you” once you get started on my No Fail, Full-Support Neuropathy Recovery Program.

My program has already worked for thousands of neuropathy sufferers around the globe, I’m that confident in my program that if you don’t experience relief, renewed energy and a brighter outlook on life, or if you’re not enjoying life with your family and friends then just contact us in 60 days for a full refund. Just that simple!

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

That means that in 60 days, your body will have begun repairing the damage, reduced suffering and renewed your energy, sleep and ability to walk, or you'll get every penny back.



A Choice Worthy of Being Made - NOW - before you don't have the same ones

Do you leave this page and go back to taking pills that don’t stop the pain? None of which have worked for the 20 million + neuropathy sufferers around the world. 

Or do you try a simple, natural and proven 6 Steps to Neuropathy Recovery Method to get your life back? 

The choice is yours. 

Now, to be clear, I don't recommend anyone to stop taking prescribed medications cold turkey. That is dangerous. Once you treat your neuropathy, naturally, as the pain diminishes you and your doctor can lower and say "goodbye" to nasty and expensive medications. Once you address the root causes of your pain, you won't need them. I was so thrilled to kiss mine goodbye and I know you will, too! 

Remember: I guarantee that our methods work – or you get your money back. You have nothing to lose…except pain.

Click the button below to add the Neuropathy Recovery Program to your cart right now. 

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P.S. Instead of the stress of “going it alone” start on the right foot with full-support; to guarantee the easiest and fastest path to relief. You’ll relieve pain, sleep like a baby, feel and move like a “younger” you and reboot your brain’s ability to activate your natural nerve self-repair mechanisms.

P.S.S.You're fully supported with a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days. Don’t wait until you lose your balance and fall and break a bone ending up even more powerless. Get started now and take your life back from neuropathy like thousands of others have.

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  9. “Every educated physician knows that most diseases are not appreciably helped by medicine.” Richard C. Cabot, M.D. Professor Harvard School of Medicine; Author of Differential Diagnosis, The Art of Ministering to the Sick, and other books.