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Healing is my passion. It is my goal.

It is the driving force behind everything I do.

Have you come up against the solemn news that there's nothing you can do for your neuropathy beyond medicating the symptoms? If so, you may be feeling lost and alone. I know that feeling very well.

Before I was blessed to discover a neuropathy remedy that gives you your life back; I was faced with a terminal illness. As a child, I was diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease, which didn't respond to the treatments of the day. My cousin, Carol, had the same condition and passed away before ever having a change. While I spend 24-hours a day in bed for 2.5 years. I over heard the doctors predicting the same fate for me.  

Like you, I was faced with a future I didn’t want, but I didn’t know how to stop it.

Having come up against the limits of “traditional” medicine, I deeply understand your grief, anger and despair in facing a condition predicted to have little to no hope of recovering from.  

Interestingly, a miracle happened and I was spared from dying of kidney disease. That miracle influenced me to commit my life to helping others who faced false limits of healing.

As a holistic practitioner, I never needed to be taught that you’re a “whole-person.” I understood from the inside out and that’s what blessed me to be able to serve thousands of people over the years.

I know you feel like giving up. I’ve been in your shoes. 
When I turned 60, I developed non-diabetic neuropathy and my life was taken away from me once again.

I was depressed and becoming despondent. Even though I was a doctor who knew a lot about neuropathy from my years of clinical practice, I had no idea why I had the condition. I didn’t have diabetes, nor did I have any other apparent reason to have peripheral neuropathy.  Like you, I tried every approach out there, but it still didn’t give me my life back. 

Nerve Pain isn't something you just have to live with.


Persevering in the face of impossibility, the support of my loving wife of 45 years and a belief in miracles, led me to be blessed a second time. After several years of trial and error, I discovered the most complete and holistic drug-free solution to neuropathy.

So, when I say there’s hope, I mean it. Thousands of people who’ve used this process are living neuropathy pain free and so can you.  Learn about the symptoms, causes and treatment now >



"I'll see you on the inside.."

Dr LabrumDr. Randall C. Labrum
Clinician, Author, Researcher 
Former Neuropathy Sufferer

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H Rogers / Florida

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I'm happy to inform you that my mother has reported improvement after follow all the steps..since the last one month.

S Kumar / Denver, CO

S Kumar

My wife has been using the program very successfully for some 4 weeks now, and already experiencing considerable relief....

W Ketchum / Canada

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